Thursday, June 6, 2013

Parents rejoice! You can still play fantasy football and not embarrass yourselves.

There are many things I love in life, but two that are at the top of my list are my family and my fantasy football credentials.  That last part may have been the saddest thought ever committed to writing, but it's true.  Among my friends, the one true symbol of one's intelligence and sports-savvy is their success at fantasy football.  I know I'm not alone in this, and I know I'm not alone in my frustration at trying to keep up this status while simultaneously raising children.  There's something about checking for free agents at 3am after an epic search in the dark for your child's pacifier has left you wide awake that seems to make fantasy football a little less relevant in one's life. 

This past year, after playing fantasy football in multiple leagues for 14 consecutive years, I hung up my fantasy-cleats in an attempt to ease the stress of my life.  Although I didn't miss the stress of reading every box score and article I could find during lunch at work, nor regretting my line-up decisions by 3pm on Sunday, I did miss something far more important: the camaraderie of my friends.  Or maybe I was just mad that my beloved Bears were squandering their playoff chances near the end of the season, and I didn't have my fantasy team to cheer for and cheer me up.  Either way, even though it was incredibly difficult to manage a fake team (or 4) while also managing two real-life children, I missed having a stake in every game on the NFL schedule and having an excuse to get together with my friends. 

So, after being called the 'Favre' of my league for the past three years after debating my fantasy retirement so many times, I am truly living up to the moniker by returning to the league this year (I have also promised them I will not text any inappropriate pics...sorry, Bears fan, had to throw that in there).  However, I am too competitive to simply exist in the league.  I want to win.  And I'm sure you do too.  Hell, you've kept reading for this long, you must have some investment in your league!

That's where this blog comes in.  I, like you (fellow parent), do not have time to read fantasy blogs, articles, box scores, etc.  I, like you, probably only have 20 minutes of free time per day, and that is usually spent scrolling through the DVR, starting a show with my wife, and then passing out on the couch ten minutes into said show.  So how is it possible to find a competitive edge in the fantasy world while still maintaining a healthy dedication to your family and other commitments?  THIS BLOG OBVIOUSLY!

Leading up to the 2013-2014 NFL season, I will be posting about different strategies and theories that I feel could give you a competitive edge.  What are my credentials you ask?  Well, I am a parent of two children, so that covers the parent part.  As for fantasy football, according to my fantasy profile on Yahoo, I have had 5 first place finishes, 6 second place finishes, and 3 third place finishes over the course of 19 fantasy football leagues.  That's really not that great, but hey, I guarantee you will maintain respectability in your league, I never guaranteed you would actually win it.

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